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We offer a quick and easy service that works for business of any scale or scope! Come and see how we can manage your WordPress websites and website needs with high-quality work only by WordPress experts.


Start a WordPress Project

Just drop a task on your Monday board the the necessary credentials. Once we’ve assessed the work, we get right to it!

What type of work can i request for?
We can work on anything WordPress from building new pages, to troubleshooting Error 404s. To give you a better idea of what we can do for you, you can check out this list.
How many projects can i commision at a time?
You can queue as many WordPress tasks. We will work through your list one at a time based on your priority list until we reach the number of hours you purchased.
How long will it take for and initial turnover?
Some WordPress tasks will take us as short as 30 minutes, though some could take 8 hours. Here’s a list of estimates for your reference.

Work with
WordPress Experts

Our development team is one of many strengths, and
we’ll assign the best ones depending on your task.
How experienced is your team?
Our team is composed of IT professionals specializing in web tools. Our team’s experience go way up to 20 years in the industry, so you’re sure your website is in good hands.
What's your selection process like for your developers
Your website is built with different tools, therefore we make sure that our team is built with the right people to make sure every aspect of your website is cared for with the right hands.
How can I monitor my requests?
Our team uses Monday as a project management tool. We will share access to your own board so you can consolidate everything there, from queuing tasks to monitoring the hours consumed for the month. Our Customer Success Manager monitors your board regularly to makes sure your tasks are moving at a timely manner.

Review the work

Your task will move anytime between 24 to 48 hours if not the initial turnover of the work you requested. Our Customer Success Manager will keep your posted through e-mail or your Monday board. Your satisfaction is our priority we will take feedback and revisions until you’re happy with the work.

How long does a revision take?
Revisions for page build would usually take 24 to 48 hours. Major revisions, like design overhauls, will consume hours purchased with your package, so we recommend that design and copy are final and complete prior turning over to our team.
How often could i ask for a revision?
You can request for as many revisions as you see fit, but please be reminded that for any revision that was not included in the initial scope will use up your hours.

Final Turn Over

Ready to go live? Once you give us the two thumbs, we push everything to live, and as long as you’re subscribed to our service, your WordPress website will be monitored by our team to make sure your tools are up-to-date, secured and maintained (if applicable)!

Will I only see the changes when the work goes live?
Some tasks need will need to be staged. We will share this link with you as needed, but we will keep you posted as closely as we can. We will need to work on live in some cases though, and when we do, we will advise to work on your website when there’s least traffic coming in.
Will website ownership be turned over to me?
Your website will always be yours. We are just your friendly and reliable WordPress developers working on it. We will need credentials but we always recommend to change the password of the account we use once we’re done working on your website if you’re not depending on us to maintain it.

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